I am interested in nature, the way it feels and the way it flows. My work aims, in some small way, to reconnect man with nature, for I fear we are all becoming increasingly detached.

I collaborate with the earth, the trees, the leaves and the seasons, creating gentle interventions in the land as I pass through. I do not wish to impose my existence upon the earth, as I feel humanity as a whole is doing, but rather to connect with it: to explore and learn about nature, the life-cycle and the flow of energy that runs through all living things. I am often drawn to circles; continual and never ending, they perfectly embody the cycle of life. My practice lies within the realm of land and environmental art, however it is distinctly dissimilar to that of Smithson’s and the rest of the early American Land Artists’. My work is modest, not monumental; left to erode and decay over time, it causes minimal disruption or actively seeks to improve the environment.

In works such as Solitary Bees’ Nest 1, 2 and 3 (2016) and Seed Bombs (2016), I aim to offer real small-scale solutions to overwhelming environmental concerns. Solitary Bees’ Nest 1, 2 and 3 are habitats and nesting sites created for solitary bees, while Seed Bombs are balls of soil and clay containing wildflower seeds, which can be sown in desolate green spaces to provide sustenance for endangered pollinators. By engaging the community in my work, through workshops and social media, I am able to raise awareness of key environmental concerns and hope to inspire those involved to continue taking positive action and realise that there are small steps that everyone can take to help make a difference.


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